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In order to keep your smile out of harm’s way, it is important to ensure your oral health can remain in optimum condition. However, there are plenty of risks, both seen and unseen in our world that seek to damage your precious teeth and gums.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with tooth hazard prevention. The key to understanding tooth hazards includes the following:

– Contact sports and high-risk activities can be harmful to your oral health.

– Countless forms of mouth jewelry can easily crack or chip our teeth, or break off and cause infections, gum damage, and even become choking hazards.

– The products we place in our mouths can be dangerous, including pens and pen caps, as well as chewing on our nails.

– Dangerous habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco greatly increase your oral health risks.

– Never try to open products with your mouth, as this is an easy way to break your teeth or damage your gums.

– An assortment of foods and edibles may be a bit too hard on our teeth, resulting in cracks, fractures, split teeth, and chips.

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