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Sometimes a tooth is so badly damaged by severe tooth decay or dental trauma that it simply cannot be saved by conventional treatment. In these unfortunate moments, whatever remains of the tooth’s root needs to be extracted to treat the discomfort and prevent a possibly dangerous infection. Aftercare will likely also include a prescription for any necessary pain or antibiotic medications.

Once the surrounding soft tissue has healed a doctor like Dr. Paul Vartabedian might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental bridge. It is a solid piece of dental work that will be designed and created in a professional dental lab to effectively mimic the physical function of the original tooth.

The dental bridge will include a pair of crowns on each end, which will allow it to be anchored onto the core structures of the two neighboring teeth.

You will need to return to Paul Vartabedian, DDS for a second appointment when your dental bridge is ready. Dr. Paul Vartabedian will then carefully cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive to complete the dental restoration process. This will allow you to enjoy the natural function of your mouth.

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