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Each tooth in your mouth relies on the structural presence of its neighbors to help it maintain proper alignment and overall oral function. When a tooth is lost to a treatment based extraction or severe tooth decay the void can cause increasing complications.

Beyond the impaired ability to efficiently chew and process food, the void left by the lost tooth could also alter your speech and the general appearance of your smile. In time the change in structure could also cause the neighboring teeth to turn and alter their alignment. This, in turn, could increase your chances of suffering problems with dental attrition and dental fractures on the related teeth in your bite pattern.

Ideally, you want to have a missing tooth replaced as soon as possible to prevent these worsening complications. One of the fastest and most effective methods is to have Dr. Paul Vartabedian team install a dental bridge.

This type of dental restoration starts with Dr. Paul Vartabedian removing the tooth enamel from each of the two teeth neighboring the void. This leaves behind a pair of dentin abutments that will later serve as anchor points for your dental bridge.

The dental bridge will be produced in a professional dental lab from special materials. When it’s ready, Dr. Paul Vartabedian will complete the dental restoration by cementing it in place with a special dental grade adhesive.

If you live in the Lakeport, California, area and you have recently lost a tooth, you should not delay in calling 707-263-1496 to explore the dental restorations offered at Paul Vartabedian, DDS.